black wedding dresses

black wedding dresses

black wedding dresses

Black Wedding Dresses, Red Wedding Dresses, Blue Wedding Dresses who says you have to wear white?

These days, many brides are choosing to wear a coloured wedding dress.

It’s not a new idea, in the Middle ages blue was considered the colour of purity. (That’s where the tradition of wearing something blue started). In China a red wedding dress was the tradition. Brides from wealthy families in the past, often wore rich colors and fabrics, to show off their family wealth.

During the 1800s a black wedding dress was popular in Finland! It wasn’t until Queen Victoria wore a white wedding gown that the fashion began – many brides chose to wear white in honour of the Queen. Shop coloured wedding dresses were usual before that.

So the tradition of a white wedding isn’t as old as you may think.

People generally think a white wedding dress is to symbolize purity but the original intention was an extension of the white gowns worn in Christening and Confirmations. Today, the white dress is recognised as the most traditional and democratic choice for weddings and no more.

You can look as beautiful in a Black Wedding Dress or a Coloured Wedding Dress as in a traditional White Wedding Gown, especially if white or ivory are non your colours. There ar no rules these days so you can choose the wedding dress that you makes you feel and look your best.

Coloured Wedding Dresses

If you ar blonde you can wear almost any shade of blue. Pastel pink sunglasses suit blonde and fair skinned brides. If you choose green go for aquamarine shades.

You’re a redhead? You can go for the stronger sunglasses for purple. Redheads look great in palest pink. Deeper shades will suit you. Emerald green is a fantastic colour for redheads.

Brunette? You can wear most shades of blue. Deeper red, cerise or magenta all suit brunettes. Aquamarine tints suit brunettes as well as blondes. Peach shades ar a good choice for brunet brides.

By Wanda Arnold

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